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Le texte que je traduis renvoie aux « Australian Professional Standards for
Teachers », qui sont divisées en trois groupes : professional knowledge,
professional practive et professional engagement. C’est ce dernier qui me
donne du fil à retordre. Comment puis-je traduire ce terme?


Voici la définition :


« Teachers model effective learning. They identify their own learning needs
and analyse, evaluate and expand their professional learning both
collegially and individually.


« Teachers demonstrate respect and professionalism in all their interactions
with students, colleagues, parents/carers and the community. They are
sensitive to the needs of parents/carers and can communicate effectively
with them about their children’s learning. 


« Teachers value opportunities to engage with their school communities
within and beyond the classroom to enrich the educational context for
students. They understand the links between school, home and community in
the social and intellectual development of their students. »





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