[Discussion] Argumentative moves

Anne-Marie Mesa translate at ammesa.ca
Wed May 27 06:53:38 EDT 2020

Bonjour chers réseaumanes,

J'ai un peu de difficulté à rendre argumentative moods ici.

J'ai trouvé ceci :
http://www.lirvin.net/1302/ExamplesHarrisMoves.pdf, mais rien ne me 
vient à l'esprit, à part démarche argumentative, mais j'ai l'impression 
de ne pas être assez précise.

Contrary to what you read sometimes in the media, high schools do not 
graduate “illiterate” students. Students do not come to college not 
knowing how to read and write. But they are definitely challenged by a 
range of complex, unfamiliar disciplinary tasks. College students are 
novices; they need effective coaching in reading, thinking, writing and 
arguing in specific academic genres. They don’t know the *argumentative 
“moves”* particular to Economics or Philosophy or a scientific article,” 
Ian said.  “Thus the need for effective discipline-specific approaches.”

Des idées?

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