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Anne-Marie Mesa translate at ammesa.ca
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Après les papillons, me voici dans un texte sur le consentement éclairé.

J'ai de la difficulté à rendre « miswanting ». J'ai pensé à 
désir/souhait erroné, mais cela ne convient pas. J'ai aussi pensé à « 
vouloir à tort », mais ça se décline mal. Je suis à court d'idées.



Errors in affective forecasting may lead to what Gilbert and Wilson have 
dubbed */miswanting/*[24]. As they put it: “much unhappiness has less to 
do with not getting what we want, and more to do with not wanting what 
we like”. *Miswanting *highlights issues regarding the objectives of 
medical decision making and informed consent. For example, when faced 
with the possibility of having a colostomy, most people are willing to 
trade away many years of life for a shorter life without a colostomy — 
whereas those actually living with a colostomy have a much less negative 
view of their quality of life[25]. Even more surprisingly, patients 
whose colostomy has been since removed share a similar view with those 
who have never had the intervention, suggesting that the former have 
somehow “forgotten” how not-so-bad it had been to live with a 
colostomy[25]. Indeed, much evidence supports how unreliable our 
memories may be and how this may also contribute to *miswanting*: when 
we recollect a past experience, we tend to focus on certain elements 
(e.g., worst pain, physical limitation) while overlooking its overall 
impact on well-being[26-28]. Current models of informed consent tend to 
ignore issues of *miswanting*, as it seemingly undermines the core 
principle of auto-determination. Yet, by acknowledging the associated 
costs on well-being, these insights indicate how valuable it may be to 
integrate considerations of *miswanting *in consent discussions 

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