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Bonjour le réseau,

Je fais suivre une annonce pour un poste en traduction (même si le titre du poste n’est pas explicite), si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a le profil recherché en communication… Les candidats peuvent postuler directement, toutes les instructions sont dans la description de poste.


– isabelle b

Subject: Search for a French language specialist

Hi Isabelle,

I’m reaching out to share that we’re hiring for a French language specialist for my team (Multi-language Services at GCPE). We did a hiring cycle very recently but were not successful in finding a person for the job, so we have reposted the position:


I’m reaching out to see if you might know someone who might be interested and has the right skills? I’d really appreciate if you could share the link around. The role is focussed on translating various types of comms and web content from English to French. We’re looking for someone with French language proficiency and a comms/media background. While writing and/or translating into French is a required skill for this position, the media background requirement is negotiable.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this.



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