[Discussion] grim storytelling

Anne-Marie Mesa translate at ammesa.ca
Fri Feb 17 15:59:31 EST 2023


Avez-vous déjà entendu parler de cette technique d'apprentissage? Quel 
serait l'équivalent FR? Sombre tableau? Histoire morbide? Histoire 
sinistre? Récit sinistre?

[T]oo often the first instinct is to fall back on the first probable 
explanation that comes to mind instead of engaging with multiple 
possible causes. To overcome this tendency, we encourage police officers 
and those training for critical incident decision-making to imagine the 
worst-case scenario. We call this cognitively demanding act “*grim 
storytelling*.” Storytelling is an underutilized method of learning, 
despite its universality and primality throughout history (Gottschall 


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