[Discussion] Intersection

Anne-Marie Mesa translate at ammesa.ca
Mon Mar 13 14:03:00 EDT 2023


Il est question des personnes marginalisées victimes d'attaques de masse.

J'hésite pour intersection. Il me semble avoir lui dans /La Presse /ou 
dans le /Devoir /quelque chose sur l'intersectionnalité. Il me semble 
que le terme était contesté. Ma mémoire de poisson rouge tourne à vide 
dans son bocal. Doit-on garder intersection en FR? Sinon quoi? Croisement?

Research has found that not only were members of the LGBTQ+ community 
concerned about the safety of themselves and their peers, but they felt 
less protected in places once considered safe havens (gay and lesbian 
bars). Moreover, these differences in experiences and responses can be 
more pronounced among certain subgroups or when there is an 
*intersection *of marginalization, such as for LGBTQ+ persons of colour, 
as was the case after Pulse.


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