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Avez-vous déjà entendu parler des « tuition anomaly programs » et des «
tuition anomaly increases ». Il s’agit des droits de scolarité
universitaires de l’Ontario, gelés depuis plusieurs années, mais que le MCU
a permis d’augmenter pour certains programmes. Voici deux extraits que je ne
comprends absolument pas :


« As described in the 2023-24 Tuition Fee Framework ‘Tuition Anomalies -
Questions and Answers’ document provided by MCU, it states that:
“Institutions can only apply one type of increase to impacted students
(e.g., if a domestic out-of-province student is entering their first year of
a program that has been approved for a tuition anomaly increase, then that
same student cannot be subject to the domestic out-of-province tuition
increase as well) » (extrait d’un document du MCU malheureusement pas
affiché en ligne).


« Because there was a series of increases to overall undergraduate OOP
tuition rates, most recently a 1% increase last year (2023-24), the tuition
anomaly increase will not be applied to 2024-25 tuition fees for the
undergraduate OOP tuition anomaly programs (B. Computer Science & B.
Engineering) »


OOP signifie « Out-of-Province » = étudiants canadiens de l’extérieur de


Bon remue-méninges. Ma matière grise est à sec!


Merci d’avance!


Michèle Lejars


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