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Il s'agit de connaissances autochtones. Comment traduiriez-vous stream 
tree? Arbre des connaissances? C'est le stream qui m'embête.

-- When implemented in decision-making processes, the model acts as a 
guideline, directing individuals to resolve issues and ultimately reach 
a consensus. However, it is important to note that, while the Land and 
Peoples Relationship Model aims to actively engage with two different 
knowledge systems and includes “respect between people, where no 
knowledge system, gender, or group is superior to another,” the use of 
the No Voice Perspective and*Knowledge Stream Tree*as key 
decision-making tools centres Indigenous knowledges and uses them as the 

/The watershed framework of the/*/stream tree/*/consists of tributaries 
(branches) that allow life-giving water (knowledge) to flow into the 
main waterway (trunk). As water is life, knowledge is sacred, and should 
be shared with care and respect. The area between the waterway banks, 
above the water, is the ethical space needed for meaningful dialogue to 
take place. A mountain stream with long ago peoples’ knowledge on one 
side, and Western knowledge on the other side, respect each other’s 
system. As one travels upstream, there will be certain places where 
crossing is possible. At these narrows, collaborative knowledge could be 

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